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In the Steps of … St. Francis


Summer 2022

Pricing and exact dates TBD


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You are invited to experience the life of St. Francis of Assisi, not as a tourist, but as a fellow traveler.  This week is specially designed for people who don’t want to just see a place, but to experience and reflect upon an ancient way of life that can inform and perhaps shape those of us who live in such a distant time and place. 


Throughout the week we will explore Franciscan themes of Holy Gladness, Holy Simplicity, Holy Community, Holy Peacemaking and Holy Creation through talks, reflection, soul practices, and journeying to “thin places” where St. Francis lived.  Could walking in St. Francis’ steps through the streets of the medieval town of Assisi be a joy-filled antidote to our frenzied and often empty pace of living?  It is our hope that this week together will be just that.

The tour will include:

  • Visits to historical sites relevant to the St. Francis story:  Basilica di San Francesco with its Giotto frescos; the church of San Damiano that Francis physically rebuilds; the Basilica of Sta. Chiara (St. Claire), his female co-worker.  Outside of Assisi:  Gubbio where Francis tamed the wolf and taught us to love the outsider    ​​​​

  • Optional:  Walk up Mt. Subiaso to I Carceri (the cells) where Francis and his companions often stayed; attending evening prayers / mass at the various churches

  • Daily context lectures on the life of St. Francis (Dr. Ron Morgan)

  • Daily soul praxis and journaling on an aspect of the Franciscan Way (Dr. Janine Morgan)

  • Free time for wandering and exploring on your own ~ we believe that important things happen in our unscheduled, unstructured open times

  • A stay at the Suore Svedesi di S. Brigida (St. Brigid’s Guest House), being welcomed warmly by the sisters there – Franciscan simplicity at its most comfortable.  Located just a stroll from the medieval heart of Assisi   

  • Breakfast and lunches eaten at St. Brigids’ or out and about… and of course, nightly strolls for gelato!


Coming Early Summer 2021:  Dates & Price to be announced


Jennifer Williams


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